Udemy – Learn how to make a Beginner Simple Top down Action rpg!

Begin Your Game Dev Journey in 2d using Unreal Engine 5!

What you’ll learn:
Basics of top down Games in Unreal Engine: movement, sprites, flipbooks, and more!
Basic damage system, healthbars, hitboxes, death andrespawns
Game loop and progression. Where to go from here?
Extra: Game design

No programming experience needed! This is designed for people with all experiences who just want to learn paperzd/2d

Welcome! In this course, we will create a small game from start to finish! It will teach you everything from opening an unreal engine for the first time to packaging and best practices for optimizing your final product!My goal is to help new developers experience the process of creating their first small game! From opening the engine for the first time to packaging the project they can send it to friends and family and say “I made this”. My dream is to help other people make games and I feel this course is just the beginning.If I get over 500 students I will create an additional boss fight tutorial for no extra cost! It will just be uploaded here. It will be a celebratory “thank you” from me to you. I hope this is helpful!Any feedback I receive I will do my best to update and adjust anything unclear and/ or provide extra videos as people need them <3 You all are awesome.                                                                       <3 GO MAKE GAMES! <3We will Cover: Importing spritescreating flipbooksImporting tilemapsextra content of two options:creating tilemapsusing Tiledcreating maps in asepriteAdding proper materials for a top-down game for Y sortingCreating Base BP for all charactersCreating Player controllerCreating our first child classMaking a damage component.my two favorite ways to make levelssprite-based level from either Aseprite or TiledCreating tilemaps in the engineintro to tilesets and tile maps – includes tileset padding if making maps in the engineUsing sprite sorting and going over origin pointsEnemiesaibehavior treesEnemy spawnerknockback mechanicsattack mechanicsLevel-to-level game loopMain menuPackagingPlaytest and repackage

Who this course is for:
Beginners/ Intermediates who want to make 2d games in Unreal Engine!


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