Udemy – Using A.I. + Inkscape To Make Cricut Stickers

Convert any logo or icon to vector graphics for making window decals, signage, and display

What you’ll learn
Learn how to convert any black and white graphic png or jpg image into SVG for Cricut cutting or laser cutting/engraving, using the free program Inkscape
Learn how to generate black and white images using A.I. to make amazing stickers for cutting on a Cricut using the free program Inkscape
Design SVG files to engrave on a laser cutter, and/or make stickers with a Cricut using the free program, Inkscape
See the step by step process of using transfer tape to create a 2 color sticker made on a Cricut.

You must know how to run your own Cricut machine, and able to do a few basic crop edits using Photoshop or other editor. This course is mostly about using Inkscape to make SVG files for your Cricut machine.
This is NOT a Cricut beginner course, or Photoshop course. This is a course focused on A.I. keywords and the free program Inkscape.

Attention Cricut Makers and all Glowforge Laser Cutter types, the time has come for you to learn how to design Vector Graphics to get the most out of your machines. Here I will teach you how to take any high contrast black and white logo or graphic image that is already in PNG or JPG format, and then convert it into a magical SVG using the free program Inkscape. Scalable Vector Graphics are required when designing for a Cricut cutter and most laser cutters. In this tutorial I use Artificial Intelligence to generate a few graphic logo images of kitty cats in JPG or PNG format, and then I show you the trick to converting and altering the image into SVG files using Inkscape. NOTE: If your device requires a different format than SVG, Inkscape will also ‘Save As’ : DXF, EPS, EMF, ODG, or PDF.Once we have our SVG file I cut out some really cute cat stickers using my Cricut Maker. I go from A.I. to a nifty sticker in under an hour! PNG & SVG Files: I include the sad cat, happy cat, and cat paws files that you see in this video. You can use them to follow along with the video if you want.Many people have access to these modern crafting machines, so if you have a Cricut or Laser Cutter it is time to learn how to design your own original images. If you need art, I will also share the right keywords to generate A.I. art that is ideal for this project. I suggest sitting back and just watching the video course to get a general idea of what I’m up to. Then the second time through try to follow along. I tend to go fast, so be sure to watch the video again if you miss anything. Everyone is at different levels and has different skillsets, so once you’ve seen it all, come back to the section you need most, follow along, and make some cool A.I. based SVG projects.This tutorial will get the ball rolling so you can understand the basics of designing vector graphics using Inkscape, and from there, anything is possible. I love sharing the power of vector! What you do with the SVG is up to you, your equipment, and your creativity. Make car or storefront window stickers, signage for trade shows and conventions, or just make art to beautify the world. Let’s get crafting!




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