Udemy – Photoshop CC 2017 : Premium training in Photoshop Editing

The latest Photoshop course on this site! Become a Photoshop expert; Check the reviews & watch the previews b4 buying 🙂

Here is my approach to learn anything! Not just this Photoshop CC course, but anything!

“YOU HAVE TO MASTER THE TOOLS FIRST! There is no way around it”

“For example, let’s say you want to drive a sports car. If you want to drive a sports car at top speed in a race, you cannot be at the start line, focusing on how to turn the wheel, how to shift the gears, and where the clutch is! You have to know all that like the back of your hand! You must have practised racing the car so much so that shifting the gears and turning the wheels come naturally to you. Only then will you be able to focus on the road in front of you! ”

The same principle applies to learning and mastering Graphic Design and Photoshop CC

If you want to learn and master Photoshop CC; and i’m talking about becoming a Photoshop CC god, you have to learn all the tools that Photoshop CC offers. You have to get that out of the way first, so that you know the following like the back of your hand:

What Photoshop CC tool to use and when?
What are the keyboard shortcuts to a particular Photoshop CC tool that you want to use.
In what order to use those tools so that you achieve the desired effect inside Photoshop CC.
Once you have mastered all the Photoshop CC tools, then you can floor the gas pedal and start to get incredibly creative with Photoshop CC. This is when your work will really start to improve and attract social media attention! You cannot get there immediately, but you can get there, definitely!



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Mirror :-

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