Video2Brain – Video Production with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.5

Video2Brain – Video Production with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.5

Video2Brain – Video Production with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.5
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This course from expert editor and trainer Maxim Jago takes you on a journey from script to screen. Beginning with Adobe Story and moving on to Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop, After Effects, the Adobe Media Encoder, and Encore, you?ll follow a client brief to create a complete project, learning everything you need to know to produce media assets for broadcast and the web. In addition to updating your skills by introducing the new and enhanced features in CS5.5, this course will help to consolidate your familiarity with the existing technologies. You’ll also spend some time looking at creative decisions relating to the original brief and how they affect the choices made within the creative applications. When you finish this course you will feel more confident than ever in your ability to work with the applications in the Creative Suite, make creative choices about media and the technology they use, and dynamically share creative work between multiple applications.

Meeting the Brief 03:44
Interpreting the Brief 06:19
Introducing Story, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop 07:56
An Overview of New Features in CS5.5
Integrating Scripts into Premiere Pro with Story 05:44
New Media Features in Premiere Pro 06:37
Performance Enhancements in Premiere Pro 04:35
Adobe Media Encoder Enhancements 02:32
New Tools and Effects in After Effects 05:07
New Tools for Stereoscopic 3D in After Effects 05:03
Round-Tripping with Audition and Premiere Pro 06:08
A Taste of the New Features in Audition 04:35
Starting with Story
Automated Writing Tools for Industry-Standard Scripts 06:39
Managing Projects, Scripts and Supporting Documents 06:24
Setting Up Script Collaboration 05:36
Tagging Scripts with Metadata 06:27
Producing Breakdown Reports for Production and Post 03:37
Tracking Changes and Version Histories 06:27
Some Rules of Writing for the Screen 06:42
Linking Story Metadata with Video Assets Using OnLocation 06:30
From Project Preparation to Assembly Edit with Premiere Pro
Preparing the Project 03:18
Organizing Media and Good Practice 07:00
Working with the Source Panel to Assess Media 07:24
Working with Embedded Dialogue from Story 01:46
Telling Premiere Pro How to Interpret Footage 04:13
Building the First Assembly Edit 08:04
Using Label Colors to Manage Media 05:22
Using Test Effects to Assess Media 04:15
In-Project Version Histories and Management 04:26
Core Editing with Premiere Pro
Responding to the Brief: Progress and What’s Left to Do 04:10
Moving from the Assembly Edit to the First Rough Cut 05:22
Making a Custom Workspace for Editing 02:56
Shortcuts to Cut Out Unwanted Media 03:38
Layering and Blend Modes 04:20
Placeholder Titles 04:19
Fine-Tuning by Trimming 06:07
Timeline Management 06:50
Timing Cuts to Convey Pace and Rhythm 05:01
Creating Assets and Effects with Photoshop
Creating Images to Match the Brief 03:43
Breaking Apart a Layer to Make Animated Clouds 04:18
Resizing Photos for Video 04:07
Correcting Color in Photos 05:49
Preparing a Video Clip for an Intro with Photoshop Effects 05:46
Creating 2D Titles 06:08
Adding Life to a Logo 04:48
Creating an Animated 3D Object 07:13
Sound Fixing and Audio Mixing with Audition
Introducing Audition for Soundbooth Users 07:35
An Introduction to Track Controls, FX, and EQ 08:41
Sharing a Sequence with Premiere Pro 05:19
Fixing Audio, Part 1 06:20
Fixing Audio, Part 2 06:04
Adjusting Levels with Envelopes and the Mixer 03:48
Automatically Adjusting Levels 06:04
Adjusting Music Levels 05:00
Parametric EQ 07:18
Sending It Back to Premiere Pro 06:37
Animating Titles with After Effects
Creating Text 05:15
Manipulating Text 03:46
Animating Text 07:03
Using Text Animation Presets 03:52
The Preset Library 03:35
Adjusting Text Animation Presets 05:22
Special Effects Work with After Effects
Blending Text and Video 02:59
Masking Video with Text 06:31
Combining Everything to Zoom into the Text 05:38
Adding a Textured Background from Presets 03:57
Adding Virtual Lights 05:25
Finishing with Premiere Pro
Importing Assets from After Effects and Photoshop 05:43
Color Correction with Premiere Pro, Part 1 06:39
Color Correction with Premiere Pro, Part 2 06:36
Checking the Project with Scopes and Waveforms 06:39
Backups: Archiving Your Project 05:20
Grading and Finishing with After Effects
Importing a Sequence from Premiere Pro 08:43
Segment Effects and Adjustment Layers 05:36
Simplified and Advanced Toolsets with Color Finesse 03:30
Overview of the Color Finesse Toolset 06:27
Using Curves to Add Depth 05:14
Using Color Finesse to Create a Look 04:37
Setting Safe Limits with Color Finesse 05:27
Using the Color Finesse Gallery 01:34
Color Matching with Color Finesse 08:39
Outputting to Adobe Media Encoder, Encore, and the Render Queue
Checking an After Effects Project Before Rendering 08:23
Meeting the Brief with the After Effects Render Queue 08:43
Preparing Your Premiere Pro project for the Adobe Media Encoder 06:41
Meeting the Brief with the Adobe Media Encoder 06:20
Creating the Encore Project 03:39
Organizing Assets in Encore 04:24
Creating Timelines and Menus 05:02
Setting Up Buttons and a Slideshow 06:56
Linking Everything Together 04:28
Transcoding Options 05:39
Outputting to DVD and Blu-ray 04:31
Making a Flash Movie Version of Your Project 04:54

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