3DMotive – Creating Foliage for UDK

3dMotive – Creating Foliage for UDK

We are very excited to announce our latest video: Creating Foliage for UDK! Learn to create amazing game-ready foliage with instructor Damian Lazarski. This is a phenominal video dedicated to everything you need to know about creating foliage. We’ll show you how to make realistic looking grass, branches, and a full blown tree from the ground up in 3ds Max 2012. Once we have created our foliage, we’ll take it into UDK and setup a master foliage shader with parameters that can be tweaked so you can easily get the look you want. We’ll also show you how to make your leaves and grass slighting sway in the wind!

Included in this video are all the source files including Damian’s UDK level that will help you further understand how he created his scene. If you have ever been intimidated by creating foliage or just want to further your knowledge – this video is for you! We hope you enjoy!


Home PAGE:– _http://www.3dmotive.com/new-release-creating-foliage-for-udk/



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