Simply Maya – The Complete Sea Creature Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Sea Creature Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Sea Creature Project | 1.12 GB

In this tutorial set covering modeling and texturing we’ll create the sea creature. The modeling lessons will show you some different techniques for sculpting out organic shapes and uses mainly a polygon and sub d workflow, with some NURBS used in the beginning of this tutorial to get the basic shape. We start by blocking out the different parts of the body and head which are joined together through boolean operations and then move on to detail sculpting with polygon and sub d modeling techniques. You’ll learn how to use Maya modeling tools like split poly and extrude to create the segmented ridges along the back and add creases as well as create teeth and define muscle definition by pushing and pulling points on the geometry.

We then generate a UV map for the body and head which will give you a good overview of how to lay out flat UV’s and work in the UV texture editor in Maya. The UV map is taken into Photoshop where we paint a detailed color map and a specular map to control where the specular highlights will occur on the sea creature. We also make a transparency map to allow for transparencies to occur in specific regions on the model.

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