Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Modeling a Detailed Ship in Maya

Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Modeling a Detailed Ship in Maya

Run Time: 3h 29m | Release Date: September 1, 2012 | Author: Stanislav Poritskiy | 1.59 GB
Required Software: Maya 2013

In this tutorial we will focus on various methods of speed modeling using Autodesk Maya 2013. We are going to model a pirate ship that can be used in game cinematics or film. During this course, we will explore various methods of modeling using vast variety of tools and techniques available in Maya. We will focus on speed and learn how to maintain accuracy of the model. We will touch briefly on ZBrush to help develop organic decorative shapes. We will use multiple ship references and will combine the most interesting elements of design together in order to produce a unique version of a ship. By the end of this training kit, you will have a trained eye to help you identify shortcuts during the modeling process as well as learn several techniques and troubleshooting scenarios, which combined, will allow you to become much more efficient 3D artist.

Home :– _ a Detailed Ship in Maya.part2.rar.html a Detailed Ship in Maya.part1.rar.html a Detailed Ship in Maya.part3.rar.html a Detailed Ship in Maya.part5.rar.html a Detailed Ship in Maya.part4.rar.html


Mirror :-



Mirror :- a Detailed Ship in Maya.part1.rar a Detailed Ship in Maya.part2.rar a Detailed Ship in Maya.part3.rar a Detailed Ship in Maya.part4.rar a Detailed Ship in Maya.part5.rar









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