Digital-Tutors – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013

Beginner | 14h 58m | 5.90 GB | Project Files 103 MB | Required Software: 3ds Max 2013

In this 3ds Max 2013 tutorial we’ll cover a wide range of topics in order to get you quickly up to speed using 3ds Max 2013. You will be able to learn from several of the instructors here at Digital-Tutors as we go through many of the major parts of the software.

We will start out by exploring the user interface and finding our way around 3ds Max. Then we will start to create our own custom model, a VTOL aircraft, using a number of powerful modeling tools. We will apply materials and textures and then take it through the process of rigging and animation. We will finish up by adding particle effects to the scene and rendering out a nice result.

Once you are finished with this tutorial, you will have exposure to a wide range of disciplines in 3ds Max and be able to start working on your own projects and building on the knowledge you have gained.

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Download Links:- – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part01.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part02.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part03.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part04.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part05.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part06.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part07.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part08.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part09.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part10.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part11.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part12.rar – Introduction to 3ds Max 2013.part13.rar


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