CG Cookie – Sculpting a Sci-Fi Weapon


CG Cookie – Sculpting a Sci-Fi Weapon

Advanced | 2.15 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Blender

In this Citizen series we’ll take a beautiful piece of sci-fi concept art by Tim Von Rueden and realize the weapon in 3D with Blender’s sculpting toolset. I’ll show you how to quickly generate a base mesh with the skin modifier and how to approach your sculpt with hard surface techniques. By the end you’ll be an expert with brushes like Polish, Crease, and Pinch!

Why Sculpting instead of Modeling?

If you’re like me, you welcome the more artistic approaches to digital art. Granted sculpting is not appropriate for every hard surface task. For example something like a wooden crate or coffee table makes more sense to model traditionally. However in the case of some complex hard-surface shapes, like this futuristic firearm, it can be easier for an artist to achieve the right forms with brushes instead point-pushing. The sweeping curves and angles make this object a prime candidate for hard surface sculpting.

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