Automatic Character Setup (ACS) kit 1.03 for Modo 601/701/801 Win/Mac


Auto Character Setup (ACS) is an automatic rigging solution for bipedal characters that streamlines the rigging process. It features a flexible, general purpose biped rig that can be adjusted to work with a wide range of characters in a matter of minutes.

The ACS kit streamlines the rigging process with tools that enhance binding, weight painting, and applying corrective morphs. The kit also includes a few animation tools along with a single-click way of flattening ACS characters into a single hierarchy, ready to be exported to external applications such as Unity. ACS simplifies technical tasks with an interactive drag and drop workflow that even the most novice MODO users will find valuable.

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Automatic Character Setup (ACS) kit 1.03 for Modo WIN.rar

Automatic Character Setup (ACS) kit 1.03 for Modo MacOSX.rar







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