Skillshare – Mastering Inking: Basic and Pro Techniques


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Ready to take your drawings up a notch? With just a few simple techniques, inking will elevate your drawings and instantly make your work more polished and professional. A good hand at inking will give you everything you need to explore comic art, traditional illustration, and worlds of high contrast.

Whether you are at the very beginning of your career and have never picked up an inking brush, are an experienced inker, or are simply curious to learn a new technique–this class will be beneficial to you! I will start from the basics of selecting the right ink, brushes, and paper at the art supply store, and then I will share with you what I consider my “secret” inking techniques.

The goal of this class is for you to utilize my basic inking skills, knowledge, and techniques to create your own work in your own original style. Although my pictures are colored digitally, inking starts with the essentials: brush on paper.

Brush drawings are the core of what makes illustrations organic, traditional, and full of movement. Exploring their properties will make you fall in love with the technique.

Establishing basic knowledge in brush and ink will allow you to be more experimental in your work and will ensure that your drawings are built on a solid foundation for the rest of your life as an illustrator or comic artist.

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