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cmiVFX brings you a brand new Lua Scripting Language Quick Start video in crystal clear English. Get ready for a very informative journey as we explore the breadth of the Lua scripting language. We have listened to you, our customers, and seen the need to cover this brand new topic in our software technology category. This video will have you quickly productive in Lua, whether for simple scripting, embedding Lua into your C/C++ application, or extending Lua for your needs.

Lua has become an extremely popular programming language, so much so that it’s achieved a critical mass of developers in the game industry, meaning Lua skills are transferable from company to company. That’s partly due to its speed and the ease with which developers can embed Lua into a game engine.

Whether you are interested in a lightweight and highly portable scripting language or improving the configuration or runtime characteristics of your C/C++ application by giving your customers a powerful scripting tool, Lua is a open source product for you, so enjoy this incredible video which was specifically designed to help you leverage Lua to these ends and more!

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