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cmiVFX has released the brand new Animation in Maya video title. Christopher Tedin will take the beginning student through the challenging process of creating a walk cycle. He will explore many of the fundamental principles of animation. The first series will “walk you through” a walk cycle. This complex motion will be broken down into simple major poses, adding mirrored poses, breakdown keys and timing by the end of the sequence. Next, you will create a run cycle using a similar approach. By the end, you will have 2 clips that you can use for game animation. Loop them in Maya’s Trax editor with offsets. Finally, you will create a more sophisticated jump sequence from start to finish. Explore how to begin the project, doing the strong poses first, then tweaking the timing for a polished finish. The series is a foundational start and an exploration of the process, so make sure to use these steps to create your own animated sequences.



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