SpeedTree Modeler 8.3.0 Cinema Edition Win x64

New Features
“Flip normals on backside” application preference
When this option is not enabled, the backsides of two-sided materials are rendered with flipped normals in order to be more compliant with PBR rendering. This can result in jarring lighting on some models. This application preference has been added to control this behavior and will be used during billboard rendering.

Bug Fixes
[CRASH] Growth export
A bug that caused crashes on a subset of models during animated growth exports has been fixed.

Orphaned generators
Models saved from earlier releases could have deleted generators present but not visible in the Generation Editor. This situation caused errors in generator layout and has been fixed.

Materials in XML exports
A bug has been fixed that was preventing material information from being saved in XML exports.

Leaf reference material IDs in XML exports
A bug has been fixed that was preventing leaf reference material IDs from being updated in unwrapped XML exports.

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