Skillshare – Space Marine Helmet – 3D Game Art with Blender 2.8 and Substance Painter by Daniel Kim

First person shooters and the space marine characters that inhabit those games have been all the the rage since the beginning of the genre and continue to remain popular to this day. That’s why having the ability to generate cool, sci-fi hard surface assets is an important skill to have in order to thrive in the game industry.

Taking ample inspiration from a popular first person shooter protagonist, let’s take on the fun task of creating a battle helmet asset that will fit onto a space marine character. I’ll take you through all the steps across modeling, texturing, and rendering the asset so that it can look its best for your game or online portfolio.

Once you learn the techniques involved in creating this awesome helmet, you’ll be fully equipped to expand on it and generate other pieces of armor or hard surface video game assets as you please.

So don’t wait. Hop right into this course and upgrade your 3D game art skills right away!



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Mirror :-

Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part1.rar
Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part2.rar
Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part3.rar
Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part4.rar
Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part5.rar
Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part6.rar
Blender 2.82 Space Marine Helmet.part7.rar










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